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The Viva Tile / Geometric series was developed as a virtual tile toolkit for design professionals working on historic and contemporary projects alike. Intricate shapes and patterns are composed from a large palette of available colors to achieve unique floor or wall designs that can range from simple to intricate, classicist to modernist, historic to fantastic!

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The Viva Tile / Geometric series should inspire any professional designer, developer, or homeowner with its application and design possibilities. Versatile. Durable. Practical. Exceptional

Create a floor to suit your client's tastes or project requirements. Select your color palette, design aesthetic, pattern scale, and orientation. Work with our design services team to achieve your own creative vision in a truly timeless design.

For Public Spaces

Viva Tile / Geometric is perfectly suitable for all high-traffic areas. 

For Shops

Use color and form to your commercial advantage and make every customer visit a memorable brand experience. 

For Bars + Restaurants

Set the scene with Viva Tile / Geometric for a memorable experience your guests will return to time and time again.

For Verandas & Foyers

Suitable for interior and exterior use, Viva Tile / Geometric is frost-proof and wear-resistant. 

For Bathrooms

Express your own personal aesthetic or architectural period style of your home. 

For Pools & Spas

The vitreous, unglazed porcelain of Viva Tile / Geometric is suitable for all wet surface conditions.

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Design Services

Work with our team of design experts to consult on color, pattern, scale, and more. 

We can guide you from initial concept to order placement, letting you feel confident in your project choices.

Want to learn more? Read more about the Design Services available for our Viva Tile collection. 

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