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Subway Mosaics is now... 

                   Viva Tile / Mosaic

Subway Mosaics has relocated to our Viva Tile collection, joining its larger-format counterpart, Viva Tile / Geometric. Both series of unglazed porcelain originate from our Winckelmans supplier in Lille, France, and offer endless possibilities for creative expression. 

Our design services team remains available to support all of your Viva Tile projects, from mosaic to geometric.

Period designs. Nouveau designs. Your designs. 

Imbue vigor and spirit into a space you've designed for living. Restore historical authenticity to a Victorian classic. Infuse a European panache and flair that reflects your unique lifestyle and experience. Celebrate the freedom to explore, discover, and create. 

Design with élan and vitality...

Whether working with Viva Tile / Mosaic or Viva Tile / Geometric, you can fashion Viva Tile's assortment of forms and colors to render your unique aesthetic vision. No reservations. No constraints. No apologies for expressing your creative spirit to its fullest. 


Set a direction for traditional, transitional or trendsetting. Transcend the conventional. Take it to a place that is right for your extraordinary space.

dog on geometric tile


Free yourself from the practical constraints you associate with most ceramic tile or stone materials.  Vitreous, unglazed porcelain is suitable for high traffic applications, freeze-thaw environments, and all wet surface conditions.


Coordinate multiple floor spaces using a common palette for both the Viva Tile / Mosaic and Geometric series.  Complete the project with a Subway Ceramics wall tile design to restore your period home to its original, vintage character.     


A Victorian cottage has unique foyers, verandas, and garden paths to give the home a friendly and personal touch.

Craft your unique design. Charm your special visitors. Care for your home by restoring its original character.

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Explore our creativity by using the patterns and colors in the Viva Tile collection to inspire your imagination.

Know you have reached your destination when the space you visualize comes alive with color and form.

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geometric tile floor in bathroom


With our Viva Tile / Geometric series, select from a multitude of field and border patterns using Fast Track shapes and colors to produce a surface solution that will arrive on your job site in a matter of days. 

Trust in a tile source that understands your sense of urgency and delivers on your expectations.  

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Work with our skilled team of design consultants to ideate, draft, and actualize a Viva Tile / Mosaic design that is unique to your space. 

Draw from historical inspiration or your own imagination to create an heirloom installation that will tell your story. 

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