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Geometric tile kitchen floor

Viva Tile is a versatile collection of unglazed porcelain in mosaic and larger-format pieces. The collection features a vibrant palette of 24 colors that can be applied across an extensive toolkit of forms from our Mosaics and Geometrics series, allowing you to achieve timeless designs with limitless creative possibilities. 

Featuring two series—Geometrics and Mosaics—the Viva Tile collection is proudly sourced from our exclusive relationship with Winckelmans in Lille, France. Our team will work with you from start to finish, providing design insight, quotations, and more. 

Mosaic tile bathroom floor

With a vast array of colors, shapes, and patterns, the Viva Tile collection speaks to historical and contemporary projects alike. 
Unglazed porcelain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions, in addition to high-traffic areas. 
Our Viva Tile collection is the perfect complement to wall tile collections like Subway Ceramics. 
mosaic tile bathroom floor

Formerly known as Subway Mosaics, Viva Tile / Mosaics features 7 different forms including hexagons, squares, and rectangles of various sizes. Hidden in plain sight, unglazed porcelain mosaics are one of the most enduring art forms, found inside built environments since the turn of the last century. 

Discover our curation of popular patterns, lettering, custom options, and design support options.

geometric tile floor

Viva Tile / Geometrics provides an extensive array of forms including 20 hexagons, rectangles, squares, and triangles of various sizes. With so many shapes and colors to choose form, the possibilities are limitless. Learn more about our robust offering of pre-designed patterns, from Geometric to Nouveau to Victorian.

Discover colors, shapes, patterns, and available design support. 


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