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Viva Tile is a tile design laboratory with over 24 color elements available to create just the right creative chemistry for your project. Consider the countless possible formulations of pigment and form. 

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Designer Palette

Choose from our palette of 24 colors and 6 unglazed porcelain shapes produced by Winckelmans in Lille, France. Reproduce any historical pattern or eclectic design, perfectly coordinated with the color scheme of your space. 

The Designer Palette offers ample degrees of creative freedom to satisfy eccentric designers and preservationists alike.


Classic Palette

The Classic Palette's unglazed porcelain mosaic, sourced from Japan, comes in 4 classic shapes in Arctic White and Charcoal. These two colors create a stunning dramatic contrast and are perfect for Greek key borders and brighter, whiter fields. 

The Classic Palette's shapes include 1" hexagons, 2" hexagons, 3/4" squares, and 3/4" penny rounds.